Fairies : I’m Worried About You

Friday, 25 March 2011

Chrissy and Lilly hovered above his bed,
In the middle of the night,
And wondered very much
What it was that he was dreaming.
For he seemed to be
At war with himself
As he slept.

They flew back to the desk
And they spoke with Rose,
Who then flew with them
To hover once again
Over their human friend.

Rose put her hand
Over her mouth.
And her eyes opened wide.
Chrissy and Lilly heard her whisper,
“Oh, my.
Oh, my.
We must find Mystica.
Right now.”

The three of them then flew
To the space upon the desk
Where Mystica was at rest.
Oh, Mystica!
We need to speak with you!”

Mystical woke up.
And Merlin did too.
Rose then told Mystica
What it was
That she had seen.

And Mystica
Looked very sad indeed.
“As I said to Sunshine,
My dear fairy friends,
There’s nothing that I know of
That we can do for him.
I’m very much afraid
He’s on his own right now.”

But Rose’s heart
Ached so very much
Within her chest.
And she heard the words
That Whisper and Dream
Had told to her the night
She’d shared with him
Her dreams
Of roses at their peak.
With colors everywhere.

“There must be a way
To help him get through this.
There has to!
There has to!”
And with those words
The other fairies watched
As tears began to fall
From Rose’s eyes.

Miss Hooters floated down
To land next to Rose,
And gently wiped the tears
From her dear friends eyes.
Dear, sweet Rose.”

Then she took Rose’s hand,
And gently squeezed it
While she looked into her eyes.
Into her heart and soul.
And Miss Hooter’s heart
Spoke to her once more.

Mystica saw what happened,
And she knew what to say.
“Miss Hooters,
You have feathered wings.
You are special that way.
And there’s something you should know.
I never told you before.”

Miss Hooter’s couldn’t help but ask,
“What would that be?”

“You are not a fairy at all,
You see.
My dear friend,
You a blend.
The child of a fairy,
And an angel.”

The other fairies were surprised.
And they all looked at Mystica.
And Mystica continued on.
“That’s why you have those feathers
On your fairy wings.
Your wings are not like angel wings.
Anyone can see that.
They have the shape of wings
Of a fairy,
As you can plainly see.”

Miss Hooters,
Through her surprise,
Somehow found the words
That she had to say,
“That would explain,
Wouldn’t it,
Why I have no fairy magic
Of any kind at all.”

“Yes, my child.
It surely would.
But within you lies
The heart and soul
Of an angel from above.”

Miss Hooters paused,
And then she smiled.
“The magic of my heart.”
Was all that she could say.

Then she turned once more
To her dear friend Rose,
“And my heart
It speaks to me.
And tells me what it is
That we both need to do.”

Miss Hooter’s took Rose’s hand,
And spread her feathered wings.
Then she and Rose both flew
To hover there above the head
Of their human friend.

Miss Hooter’s floated down,
And kissed each of his lips again.
“Rose, I know,
For my heart tells me so,
How much he means to you.
Would you,
Could you
Kiss him too?”

So Rose floated down,
And oh so very gently,
Kissed each of the lips
Of her human friend.
“I’m so very worried.
So very concerned.
About you.”
And with those words,
Rose’s tears began to fall

Her tears fell gently through the air,
And softly landed
On his lips.
And their human friend
Seemed to relax
Right then.

Miss Hooter’s took Rose’s hand once more,
And the two of them
Softly landed by his head,
On the pillow of his bed.
And then both of them sat down,
With their backs to him.
And they leaned back,
To rest their backs and shoulders
Up against his cheek.

“Now close your eyes,
My dear friend Rose.
Just close your eyes,
And listen to your heart.
It knows what you should do.”

And the two of them
Fell asleep.
As they rested on his pillow,
Leaning up
Against his cheek.

Can you imagine the surprise
That Rose had that night.
When she realized that she was in
The library with Miss Hooters.
The library in his mind.
In his very dreams.

Can you imagine how she felt
To see him standing there.
Pulling books off of the shelves.
Leaving them in piles
Upon the floor.

He hadn’t seen the two of them.
Didn’t know at all
That they were there.
Until Miss Hooters ran across the room.
And wrapped her arms around his neck.
And planted a big kiss on him.

“Hi, Miss Hooters,”
He did say,
As he held her close to him.
“I’m confused.
And I’m afraid.”

It was then that he saw Rose.
She was just standing there.
To shy to say a thing to him.
She looked as if she was afraid
That this was just a dream.
And if she opened up her eyes
The dream would fade away.

“Are you real?”
She looked at Miss Hooters,
And she asked again,
“Are you real?”

Her human friend smiled.
Like he always had,
Every time he’d picked her up
And looked at her.
Every time he’d touched her wings.
Or the single rose
That she held in her hands.

“Hi, Rose.”
He said,
As he walked across the space
Between the two of them.
And he saw the tears
Falling from her eyes.

Her human friend
Used his human hands
To gently brush away
The tears that Rose had cried.

“Are those tears for me?”
He asked.
“Are those tears for me?”

Rose nodded her head yes.
And found the way to say to him,
“I’m worried about you.
It hurts me to see you this way.”
And Rose couldn’t look at him,
So she looked straight down
At the ground.
“I’m so very worried
About you.”

He reached out his hand,
And gently placed it underneath her chin.
Then more gently than Rose thought
He possibly could have,
He raised up her head,
So he could look once more
Into her tear filled eyes.

“Why would you be worried
About me?”

Rose couldn’t help herself.
She threw her arms around his neck.
And held him as if she was afraid
That if she let him go
She’d never see him any more.

And Rose kissed him.
Like she’d always wanted to.
What a kiss it was!
When it was over
Miss Hooters counted thirty seconds
Before the man began to breath again.
And she watched him
As he seemed to taste
The kiss that Rose had given him
Still there upon his lips.
And the only sound he made
When he found his voice
Was a simple,

Then he looked into
Rose’s eyes once more.
And said in much surprise.
“You love me to, don’t you?”

Rose kept holding him
So very tight and close.
And nodded her head yes
Once more.

Then her human friend
Looked at Miss Hooters,
And asked of both of them,
“You both love me,
Don’t you?”

It was then that Rose
Finally found her smile.
And when he saw it
The hurt and confusion
That had been there
In his eyes,
Was simply gone.

He held Rose for a while.
No one knows how long.
He held her
Just because
He needed to.

“I’m not really alone,
Am I?
Not really alone.”
As he looked into Rose’s eyes.
“For somehow I just know
That if you care for me
The way that you do.
There are people out there
That care for me too.”
And Rose’s smile grew.

She took his hand in hers,
And looked at Miss Hooters.
Miss Hooters understood
And took his other hand,
So he was between
The two of them.

“I want to see the rose garden
That I know is here
Inside your heart and soul.”

The three of them walked
Out of the library.
Into the outside air.
Then down a little trail
That led them right into
The rose garden
That Rose knew was there.

The garden she had given him
When she’d shared her dreams
Of roses in full bloom
In the middle of the night.

The three of them then walked
Through that rose garden
That was there
Inside of him.
Until they all grew tired,
And sat down on a blanket
In a clearing that was there,
Surrounded by roses

And pretty soon
Both Rose and Miss Hooters
Fell fast asleep.
As they rested their heads
In his lap.

An hour before the sun came up,
Mystica called to all the fairies
Left within the room.
And they all flew to land upon
The pillow of the bed.
Right there next to
Their human friends head.

So softly
And so gently,
They picked up
Miss Hooters,
And then they picked up Rose.
And they carried both of them
Back across the room.
To where they both should be,
There upon his desk
When the sun rose.

And Rose woke up
As they gently placed her
On her crescent moon.
I think he’ll be OK!
I think he understands now
That he’s not alone.
That there are people
In the world
That really,
Care for him.
And that’s something
That he’s never known.
And never understood before.”

Mystica couldn’t help but smile.
For she knew Rose would never lie.
No lie could reach
To Rose’s heart.
And that meant that the words
That Rose had said to her
Had to be the truth.

And that their human friend
Had begun
At long last
To understand.

It gave her hope
That he would indeed
Once again.

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