Fairies : Helping Him See The Colors Of The World

Monday, 28 March 2011

Dream sat there
On her crystal ball.
With Whisper on her shoulder.
On the computer
On her human friend’s desk
In the land of work.

She’d been watching him.
Every day
Since he had returned.
And like any friend
That he had,
She worried about him.

But she couldn’t use her fairy magic
In front of everyone there was
Right there in that place.
That would reveal to them
That she and all the other fairies
Were not the simple figurines
That they appeared to be.
And that would not do
At all.

She could see the stress in him.
Every time he talked to himself.
Every time he played music
With his fingers
On his desk,
And then apologized to everyone
Again, and again,
For having made such noise.

She could see him as he wrote his notes,
And all the things he loved to write,
His dreams and wishes both,
Down on paper,
In his big notebook.
And she knew that he was doing
Everything he could
To cope with all the stresses
In the land of work.

But she knew,
Like everyone that worked with him,
That he’d become so very wounded,
In that very room.
Working with all of them.
Those same people
That he call his friends.

She knew also
That he didn’t blame a soul
For what he had been through.
And that he never would.
That to him
It had just been
On of those unavoidable things.
Something that had to happen.
That he’d had to live through.
And that was it.
That there was no one
To blame.

But she knew by watching him
Every single day
That he sometimes felt
Like he had before,
When the work place
Had wounded him so much.
And she was afraid
That if he couldn’t find a way
To cope with all the stress
That this place put on him,
He’d go out wounded
Once again.

So in the night
With no one there,
She spoke to Whisper.
And told him of her fears.

Now Whisper was a wise old owl.
Far older then he looked.
Older than any owl
Was supposed to get.
Even older then the oldest human
That worked in that place
With their human friend.
Older even that all the fairies.
Even Mystica.

Owls don’t live so very long
Without becoming wise.
And Whisper had seen lots of things
In his very long life.

Whisper thought for just a bit,
And remembered something important.
My dear fairy friend.
Do you remember the words
That Mystica spoke that day,
When Miss Hooters went into his dreams,
And spoke to him?”

Dream thought for a moment,
And then she smiled.
“Listen to your heart.
It knows what to do.”

Whisper stretched his old owl wings,
And then he whispered
In Dream’s ear,
“Perhaps those words
Can help you too.
For I know you,
Dream my friend.
I know your heart is good
And true.
And I believe it knows
What you should do.”

Whisper then flew,
Like owls do,
All around the room.
And then returned to Dream,
To rest upon her shoulder
Once again.

“My, but this place
Sure looks grey to me.
How does it look to you?”

That was when Dream smiled.
And she jumped for joy.
For she knew exactly what to do
To help her human friend.
And she could do what she needed to
Even if the room was full.
Even if her human friend
Was right there
At his desk.
Looking right at her.

“Oh, Whisper!
Thank you,
My dear friend!
You’ve shown me
What I can do
To help him
Once again.”

So when the next day came,
And her human friend
Was at work again,
Sitting at his desk,
She closed her fairy eyes,
And whispered this one word,
That no one could even hear.


And she used her fairy magic
As she spoke that word,
To send a dream of color
To her friend.
For she wanted him to always know,
And to always see,
All the colors of the world
That he worked in.

She knew that this one word,
The wish she made each day
For him to dream,
Was exactly what
She needed to do
For her human friend.

Because Her heart
Told her so.


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