Goodnight, God. Goodnight.

OK, God…
I’m being selfish tonight.
I know it.
Because I find
I want to ask something.
Several something’s

I went to church tonight.
And there I saw
Some of the people
That I care about
Very much indeed.
You know them.
The mother and daughter pair.
And you know
I’ve spoken with you
About the two of them

Well, geeze, God…
You’re the one
That gave me these eyes,
And taught me to use them
To see.
You’re the one
That touched my heart.
And brought it
Back to life.
So you know ding well
What I saw tonight.
And you knew ding well
I’d see what I did.

I saw the daughter
As she got out of their car.
And I couldn’t help but see
The killer bandage
Wrapped around her foot.
Just like I couldn’t miss
The way she limped
Every time that foot
Hit the ground
While she walked.

Now, I know it’s just a cut.
And I know
It will heal up
Soon enough.
But still.
It bothered me
To see her limp
The way she did.

You keep showing me things
That make me wish
I could find a way
To temporarily, anyway
Carry the hurt and pain
Of someone I care for.

Why for do you keep doing that?

And then her mother
Got out of the car.
And, God, you know
What I would have done
If I was strong enough,
And not afraid
That she’d get upset
With me.

You know ding well
I wanted to pick her up.
And carry her.
So she didn’t have to walk.
And could just relax
For a little while.

I mean…
How could I not notice
The hurt that was right there
In her pretty eyes?
I’m not blind
You know.
I’m not.

And of course you know.
You gave me these eyes
That see so many things.

But, there’s more, God.
I know you know.
But I’m trying to learn here,
As you know.

There was the lady
That returned to church.
Walking very slowly.
With that walker
That she had.

Seeing someone hurt
That much
Sometimes just makes me mad.

Not at the person
Of course.
But at the world
That could hurt someone
Like that.

I guess that like my father said,
“Life’s not fair at all.”

Why for do people have to hurt
Like that lady at the church

You know,
Of course,
That I ask
That you take care
Of all three of them.
And maybe let the hurt
That they are in
Go away
While they sleep tonight.
And let them have
Magic dreams.
If only for a little while.

You know too
That there are two people
That I’m worried about
I’ve been worried
About them both
For a week now.

I know that they will be OK.
Physically, anyway.
But I know
They’ll both have scars
Left upon their hearts
By the evil
That was done to them.

And I know too
That they both have to face
Some pretty hefty
Medical bills.
I wish I had a job
So that I could help them
With the bills they face.
At least a little bit.

I told my lady today
That maybe I should spend
Some of my reward points
From my credit card.
On a gift card
For them.

Like I said
When I began.
I’m being selfish
On this night.
And asking if you might
Help these people
That I care about.

‘Cause I couldn’t help but see
The hurt in them
When I went to church

Goodnight, God.


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