Fairies : She Was His Special Friend

Monday, 21 March 2011

The fairies were all happy.
For they’d learned
That their human friend
Had grown well enough
To return to work.

But Dream was afraid.
For she knew all his dreams.
She watched each of them
When he closed his eyes each night
To sleep until the morning light.
And the dreams he had
Of returning to the place
Where he journey had began
Were not always good.

Dream spoke to Whisper
As he rested there
Upon her shoulder.
“I’m worried about him.
Returning to the world of work.
Returning to the place
That hurt him so badly.”

Whisper whispered in her ear,
“Why are you afraid?”

“He may feel sometimes
All alone in that place.
As if he doesn’t belong there,
With everyone he worked with
For so very long.”

“I’m afraid that he’ll get lost again.
That he’ll lose his way once more.
That he won’t see the life,
Or the colors,
In the hearts and souls
Of the people in that place.
And will once more call it
The land of gray.”

“I’m afraid
He’ll get lost
In the darkness
That’s a part of him
Once more.”

Whisper brushed the side of his head
Against Dream’s cheek.
And he sang a quiet song
That all owls know.
A song of owls leaving home.
For the journey they must take
To learn to live
All on their own.

Dream listened intently.
Her heart aching
In her chest.
For she knew what Whisper
Was saying to her.
“He’s grown up.
Let him go.
Let him find his way
All on his own.”

When their human friend
Went to bed that night,
Dream flew to the computer
On his desk.
She wished to talk
With Miss Hooters.

“Miss Hooters,
Could I ask something of you?”
And Miss Hooters nodded yes.

“Could you please
Visit our human friend.
And spend another night
On his pillow,
Right next to his head?”

Miss Hooters took Dreams hand
And said to her,
“I’m worried about him too,
You know.
Going back to work.
And I know that he’s afraid
Of what may happen there.
So I’m going to do
What my heart tells me to.”

She smiled at Dream and Whisper both,
And stretched out her feathered wings.
“I’m taking you with me
To sleep next to his head
On the pillow of his bed
Because my heart tells me
That when the morning comes
He’ll do something wonderful
For you.
So that you won’t have to be afraid
For him.”

The two of them together flew
Across the room.
And landed softly on the pillow
Right next to his head.
Miss Hooters gently floated up,
To hover right above his face.
And gently touched her hands
To his lips once again.
Then she kissed each lip,
And said to him,
“I hope the dreams you have tonight
Are beautiful indeed.”

Then she floated back to land
Beside her dear friend Dream
Right there on the pillow
Next to his head.

Then both Dream and Miss Hooters
Sat down on his pillow,
And leaned back against his cheek.
And closed their eyes.
And went to sleep.

And Whisper flew to Mystica
And asked her to gather up
All the fairies in the group.
So that they could watch
As Dream and Miss Hooters
Gave another dream
To their human friend.

Dream and Miss Hooters
Were in the library
Where they’d been before.
And they saw him there,
Pacing nervously
About the room.

And Miss Hooters raced right up to him,
And she hugged his neck,
And kissed him so gently.

“It’s so good to see you here again”
Said their human friend.
“I’m very scared of what may happen
When I go to work tomorrow.
Something that I haven’t done
In so very long.”

Miss Hooters held him close
For a little while,
And then she let him go.
“I didn’t come alone this time.
I brought Dream with me.
We’re both very worried
About you.”

Dream thought it strange indeed
That she was now his size.
Or perhaps he was her size.
She didn’t really know.
But since she was the same size
As her human friend
She could finally do
Something that she’d always wanted to.

She hugged him,
And she held him close.

Their human friend
Looked in Dream’s eyes.
And saw the fear she had
For him.
As he would return to work
When the morning came.

And then to her surprise
Her human friend did not let go.
He kept on holding her.
As he spoke these words.
“I can tell you are afraid,
Like me,
Of what may happen tomorrow,
When I return to work.”

Then he smiled
A smile that said
How much he cared for her.
“And I can feel the way your heart
Aches within your chest.
And I just can’t let you worry
About me.
I can’t let you wonder
How I’ll be
When I return to work
In the place that so hurt me.”

He let go of Dream,
And gently took her by the hand.
He took Miss Hooter’s hand also.
And they walked outside the library
With him between the two of them.

He walked through his dreams,
To the building
He would return to
The next day.
And there he stopped.

“Miss Hooters,
I love you,
This much you should know.
I’d take you with me
When I go to work,
But I just can’t.
I won’t take you
Into that place.
I want you in my home.
Where I know you will be safe.
Where you’ll know
I’ll always be
When my day at work
Comes to its end.”

And with that,
He let go of her hand.
And then he spoke to Dream.
My special friend.
I’ll need someone to hold on to
When I return to work.
Someone to remind me
Of who I really am.
Someone who can show to me
The colors of the world.
So that I won’t get lost
In the darkness that I know
Is forever part of me,
Part of my heart and soul.”

As he held Dream’s hand
He walked up the steps,
And through the door
Of the building.

Inside the building
Hand-in-hand they walked
To the very place
That he would likely sit
When he returned to work
On the next day.

“They’ll tell me that I shouldn’t,
But I’m going to anyway.
I’m going to keep you with me,
Right here at this desk.
When I return to work.
So that you can remind me
To remember to dream.
And to remember the colors of the world
That you’ve shared with me.”

Dream hugged her human friend.
And held him oh, so close.
“I would love to stay here ever day
To keep you company.”
Then she kissed him,
Did she ever!
It was a kiss he would remember
For quite a while indeed!

The two of them went back outside,
And rejoined Miss Hooters.
Then the three of them
Went for a nice long walk
On a beach the he knew off,
There within his dreams.

And in the end
All three of them
Sat down on the sand.
And with him between
The two of them.
Miss Hooters and Dream both
Laid down
With their heads
In their friend’s lap.

And they went to sleep with him
Watching over them.

Mystica checked the clock,
And said that it was time.
Then she and Musica
And Sunshine too
All flew across the room,
And picked Miss Hooters up.
For she was soundly sleeping
On the pillow,
Leaning up against the human’s head.

Lilly, Chrissy and Rose
Did the same thing.
And they picked Dream up
From where she rested
Next to him.

When the human woke up
All the fairies in the room
Where where they were supposed to be.

They watched as he got up,
And left the room.
They knew he got his shower,
And they knew he shaved.
And they watched him as he dressed for work
Upon that day.

They knew he went to his kitchen,
And fixed breakfast for himself.
And brushed his teeth.
And then got ready
To once more go to work.

And all the fairies smiled,
When their human friend
Took out the box for Dream.
And carefully wrapped her up
And placed her once again
In that box.
And he took that box with him.

Miss Hooters
Leaped for joy.
“I know he’ll be OK.
My heart told me so.
My heart told me
He would not forget
The colors of the world.
My heart told me
He would take
Dream with him
When he returned to work.”

And so it was
That Dream spent all her time
Sitting on the desk
That he sat at
In the land of work.

And her human friend
Was OK.
And never did forget
The colors of the world

After all,
She was his special friend.


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