Fairies : May The Roses Always Be In Full Bloom In His Dreams

Friday, 11 March 2011

Rose sat there,
On her crescent moon.
Resting her feet
Upon the ground.
With roses all around.

And she thought once more
Of her human friend.
She knew the magic of her heart
Was not as strong
As Miss Hooter’s was.
But she also knew
That she loved her friend.
And she wanted very much
To find a gift
For him.

Rose’s fairy magic wasn’t great.
She could only work with roses.
And it would be months
Before a single rose
Did bloom.

As she sat there,
On her crescent moon,
She wondered what there was
That she could do.
What kind of gift
Could she give him
With the roses
Not in bloom?

And then she slowly realized
That every time she closed her eyes
She could see the roses
In their prime.
In full bloom.
With colors everywhere.
And she could see
Each and every bloom
Upon a million plants.
Every detail.
Every petal.
Every color.
Every curve.
And all the textures
Of each bloom.

“I know what I can give to him!”
She thought,
And as she thought,
She smiled.
And as she smiled,
The darkness of the night
Was weakened
In the room.
For Rose had more magic
Than she knew.
As she would soon
Find out.

“I’ll share with him
The gift I have
Of seeing every rose
In beautiful
Full bloom!”

And then she paused.
And thought.
And said these words out loud.
“But how do I do that?”

And Scream flew from the tree
That he rested on,
As he watched Musica
Play her flute.
And hovered there,
Right next to Rose,
Who was sitting
On her crescent moon.

And Scream did what only he could do.
He screamed.
A quiet scream
That was heart felt.
And spoke to Rose’s heart.
And where you and I
Would have only heard
Him scream,
Rose’s heart heard his words.
And those words said,
“Believe in you.
Dear one.
Believe in you.
And you will be amazed
What you can do.”

And once again Rose smiled
And the darkness of the room
Was weakened yet again.
And she reached out to Scream,
And scratched behind his ears.
And she said to him,
“Thank you,
Dear friend.
Thank you
For your trust
In me.”

And then Scream flew back home,
And landed once again
On the tree where he could listen
To the music
Musica played.

And Rose stood up,
Upon the ground,
And spread her wings,
Which shown with all the colors
Of the roses
In full bloom.

And she gently floated
Across the room.
And then she hovered
Just above his head.

She took the rose bloom
That she held in her hand,
And gently placed it
On his head.
Just above his eyes.
And she smiled once more,
And the darkness of the night
That filled the room
Was gone.
And the room was filled
With images
Of roses in full bloom.

Roses of all sizes.
And all colors too.
Rose buds just starting to open up,
To flowers in full bloom.

With soft, velvet petals
Everywhere the eye could see.
That looked like the rose garden
That he’d walked in
Time and time again,
In the summer,
And the fall.

And Rose spoke,
Her voice as gentle,
And as soft,
As the velvet petals
Of a heart red rose,
“I share my dreams
Of rose gardens
In full bloom
That I have every night,
And every day,
With you,
My human friend.”

Then she pressed her hands
To both of his lips.
And she kissed him on his cheek.
And as she floated there
Above his head.
She cried a single tear.

And that tear fell on that rose
That she’d placed upon his head.
And that rose,
And the tear on it,
Both disappeared.

Rose then floated
Back across the room.
And took her seat once more
Upon her crescent moon.

And she knew
That her human friend
Would always be able to dream
Of the roses
In full bloom.
And that was her gift
To him.


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