Fairies : Her Heart Knew What To Say

Monday, 14 March 2011

Miss Hooters had a feeling
That would not go away.
A feeling that left her
Very much afraid.
So she spread her wings,
And then she flew
To visit Dream and Whisper too.

She could talk with Dream
Because she knew
That Dream always understood
The meanings of dreams.
And Miss Hooters was having dreams
That she didn’t understand.
About her human friend.
And the fears she knew he had.

Whisper left Dream’s shoulder.
And he flew to Miss Hooters’,
Where he landed on her arm
That she held out for him.
And Whisper
Whispered in her ear.

“He’s worries every day,
And every night,
About going back to work.”

Miss Hooters ruffled the feathers
Oh Whisper’s neck
And head,
As she said,
“I know. He told me so.
And I wish
He wouldn’t worry so.
For my heart tells me
That he will be OK.
That he has friends there.
And they miss him.
And wish for him
To be OK.”

And Whisper
Whispered one more time,
In Miss Hooter’s ear,
“Then tell him what you feel.
Speak the truth to him.
Like your heart tells you too.
For as you know
There is more magic
In your heart
Than the fairy magic
Of all the fairies
That there are.”

And Whisper flew away
To rest once more
On Dream’s shoulder.
And Dream smiled,
As she looked at Miss Hooters,
And she said,
“Whisper never lies.”

And with those words
Miss Hooters knew
What her heart
Told her to do.
How to help him cope
With all the fears he had
Of returning to work.
Where his nightmares
Had began.

She had to find a way
For her heart to speak
To his.
So that she could tell him,
Heart to heart,
That he didn’t need
To be afraid.
That she knew
Everything would be OK.

But in the magic
Of the heart
She was all alone.
There was no one
Who could tell her
What to try,
Or what to do.

For she was the only fairy
That had such magic
In her heart.

And that was when
Rose landed
Next to her.

“I love him too,
You know.
Maybe not as much as you.
But I love him too.”

Rose took Miss Hooter’s hands,
And held them gently in her own.
And both of them stood there
For a little while.
Until Rose spoke once more.
“Listen to your heart,
My friend.
Listen to your heart.
It will tell you
What you need to do.”

And then Rose
Flew back to her crescent moon,
Where it sat,
Across the room.

Miss Hooters spread
Her feathered wings.
And silently floated
Across the room.
Until she came to rest
On the pillow of his bed.
Right there,
Beside his head.
As he was sound asleep.

And Miss Hooters
Laid down next to him.
And wished that she was big enough
To at least hug his neck.
But she was not.
Compared to him,
She was very small indeed.

She snuggled up
Against his head.
And turned to face his cheek,
Which she then kissed.
And then she placed her hands
On it.

And then she said,
“Good night,
My friend,
Good night.”

And then she closed her eyes.
And feel asleep right there,
Next to him.

And suddenly,
She was in that library
With her human friend
Once more.

And he said,
“I’ve missed you
Since you’ve been away.”

Miss Hooters ran up to him,
And climbed into his lap.
Then kissed him,
As she hugged his neck.

“I have missed you too,”
She said,
As she smiled,
And looked into his eyes.

After she held him
For a little while,
She stood up,
And pulled him from his chair.
“Come with me
My love.
There’s something
I want you to see.
Something I’m so very much
Afraid of.”

The two of them
Walked hand in hand.
Out of the library,
Into the outside air.

And after a short walk outside
They came upon the place
Where he had once worked.

A cold, grey building.
Made of concrete.
With very few windows at all.
It had concrete steps
That lead up from the ground
To its front doors.

Miss Hooters stopped walking
And he stopped too.
And they both stood there
Hand in hand
Looking at that building
In his mind.

“I can feel the fear
That’s in your heart
When you think
Or dream,
Of here.”

And he clung tightly
To her hand,
His fingers interlaced
With hers.

“This is where it all began.”
And his voice was very quiet.
And very much afraid.

“How can anyone that works here
Every wish to work with me
How can anyone that works here
Trust me
In any way?
I’m very much afraid
To return to this place.”

Miss Hooters
Wrapped her arms
Around his waist,
And she held him
Very close.
So that she could whisper
In his ear.

“Think of all the names
Of the people
You knew here.”
Then she kissed him
Oh, so gently,
“And close your eyes
My love.
And listen to the words
My heart would say
To yours.”

And he held her tightly,
As if she
Was his only friend
In this place
That they were in.
And he closed his eyes.
“I’m so scared.
I’m so afraid.
Don’t leave me all alone
Within this place.”

Miss Hooters
Kissed him once again,
“You’re never alone.
Not even here.
Even if I’m not with you.
For there are people here
That care for you.
And hope you are OK.”

Her human friend
Then closed his eyes,
And thought of all the names
Of the people that he’d worked with
In this cold grey place.

And one by one,
As he thought each name,
He could see each persons face.
People he had worked with
In that cold grey place.

Miss Hooters smiled
And held him close,
As she spoke to him,
“How many of those people
Do you believe
Have been worried
About you?
How many of those people
Do you believe
Wish you to be OK?
How many of those people
Do you believe
Would be happy to see you,
And work with you
Once more?”

That was when he smiled.

“In the days before you left,
You said you had been wrong.
That it was not a land of grey.
Where everything,
And everyone,
Was exactly the same.
Remember what you said?”

And his tight grip on her
Slowly changed
To a gentle,
Tender one.

“I remember them,”
He said.
“I remember all of them.
Every single one.”

He opened his eyes,
And then he smiled.
And she saw pure magic
In his eyes.

“They didn’t send me home
To get rid of me,
Did they?”

Miss Hooters shook her head,
“No, my love.
They didn’t.
They knew that you were hurt.
That something in your heart
Was badly broken.
And you couldn’t see that
For yourself.”

“They sent me home
So I’d have the chance
To get well,
Didn’t they?”

Miss Hooters kissed him
Once again,
“Yes, my love.
They did.”

Then the two of them
Walked hand in hand,
Back to the library.
And he sat down in his chair.
And she sat down
In his lap.
And hugged his neck.
And let her head rest
On his shoulder.

And then she fell asleep.

With the sun soon coming up,
Dream and Musica and Mystica
Spread their fairy wings.
Then they flew across the room,
And picked Miss Hooters up,
Where she was fast asleep
On the pillow,
With her head pressed up against
His cheek.

And they carefully carried her
Back to the place
That she belonged.

And when the dawn came
Their human friend woke up.
And then he smiled.
And he walked across the room
To where Miss Hooters was,
And he picked her up.
And oh so gently, cradled her
In his human hands.

“I had a dream of you last night.
And in that dream
You helped me
Once again.”

He gently traced the lines of her face
With his finger tips,
“You told me not to be afraid.”

Then he picked up Dream,
And moved her to the place
Where Miss Hooters had once been.
And he put Miss Hooters
In Dream’s place.
On top of his computer.

“I think I’ll keep you here.
At least for now.”

And he smiled.

“I don’t know when
I’ll get to work again.
But I know not to be afraid.
All thanks to the dream
I had last night.
Of a walk you took me on.”

And then he went downstairs,
To eat his breakfast,
Take his medication,
And start another day.

And after he was gone,
Miss Hooters was so happy
That she cried.


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