Fairies : The Magic Of Her Heart

Friday, 25 October 2011

It was early in the morning.
He had been up for about an hour.
When he came over to his desk.
And he sat down.
And he looked
At each one of the fairies.

Then he picked Miss Hooters up.
And he smiled.

“I had a dream
Of you last night.”
And he looked at her.
“And in my dream
You were alive.”

He held her out before him.
And examined all of her.
Head to foot.
And front to back.

“You told me
That you love me.
That’s how I know
It was a dream.
For you’re just
A figurine.
And simply not alive.”

And he smiled.
And then he gently placed her
Back upon his desk.
And he thought
For just a moment.
Then he picked up Dream,
And Miss Hooters both.
And exchanged their places
On his desk.

“I think I’ll put you here.
Where it’s easier to see you.
At least for a while.”

And then the human smiled.
“I know it was a dream.
I know you are not real.
But I also know
What happened in that dream.
When you told me
All about the lies.”

And he picked Miss Hooters up again.
And gently cradled her
Within his hands.
And said,
“And the words within that dream
Were true.
I am not worthless.
Or expendable.
Or useless.
Or strange.”

He touched her wings.
And then he touched her hair.

“I’ve got a lot to learn.
This much I know.
But since I had that dream
I know
I have to find those lies
I’ve lived with all my life.
And let them go.
So that they won’t hurt me
Any more.”

And the human smiled.
And gently put Miss Hooters
Back upon the desk.
On top of his computer.
Where he couldn’t help but see her
Every time that he sat down.

And then he smiled.

And all the fairies knew
That he would be OK.
And when he walked away,
And left the room,
The Fairies all smiled.

And Miss Hooters
Was so happy.
That she cried.

For Mystica was right,
When she had declared,
That Miss Hooters had
The greatest magic
Of them all.

The magic of her heart.


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