Fairies : The Fairies Make A Plan

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

All the fairies were gathered.
Even Oceana had come,
All the way from the sea.
Mystica had asked
That everyone attend.

Once the meeting had begun
Dream had told everyone
Of the notebooks
Filled with lies
In the shadows
Of their human friend’s mind.
And how those lies
Were oh so slowly
Eating away
At his heart and soul.

Miss Hooters cried.
For she had no fairy magic
She could use
To help her friend.
She would just have to watch
As all the other fairies
Fought the lies
To save their friend.
For she could not.

She felt so very helpless.
And so useless.
And wished she had
Some magic of her own.

Mystica told everyone
That she had a plan.
And if her plan should work
Their friend would fight
All of those lies
On his own.
And that the lies
Would begin to fall.
Until the day
That all of them
Were gone.

But if her plan
Should fail to work,
It would be a long war
Between the fairies
With their dragon friends,
And the darkness
In his heart,
To drive the lies away.

Mystica told the fairies
Of her plan.
To walk into his dreams
In the middle of the night,
And show him
Where the lies were hidden
In those notebooks
In the shadows
Of his mind.

She would need Dream
To get her in.
So she could do
What she had to.

But she declared
White magic alone
Wouldn’t be enough
To reveal the lies to him.
That she would need the help
Of one of them.

And that the only one of them
That could help.
That could speak the truth
To the human’s heart
And soul.
Was Miss Hooters.
For this time
Fairy magic wouldn’t work.
This time
It would take love
To do
What must be done.

And Miss Hooters exclaimed,
“Tell me what I need to do!”

And so,
The plan was laid.


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