Dreams : Come With Me

“Come with me,”
I said.

Then I took her by the hand.
Which surprised her
Very much.
For in all the time
We’d been friends
I’d never done that,
Even once.

I did not let go.
I started walking,
And gently pulled her along
With me.
Until she figure out
That I would not accept no
For an answer.

“Where are you taking me?”
She asked.
As we walked
Down the walkway,
Past the roses.

“You’ll see,” I answered.
“You’ll see.”

We crossed the bridge,
And then turned right,
And started walking
Down the walkway,
Through the Crepe Myrtles.
With me still holding
Her hand.

I slowed down,
And looked to my right,
And pointed to the flowers
That were blooming
Down by the water’s edge,
Underneath the trees.
With their bright orange

That was the first time
That she smiled that day.
And when she did,
I smiled too.

The walkway slowly turned
To the left,
And when it did,
The Crepe Myrtles were replaced
By a wooded area.
Which had all kinds of trees.

Along the front of it
There were several
Flower gardens.
I had never bothered
To learn the names
Of the types of flowers
That were there.
Only that there were all kinds.
Red, and orange.
Blue and white.

Every flower
Was a beautiful sight.
I slowly walked
Past all of them,
So that she could see
Every one of them.

That was when
She smiled again.
And so did I.

“Where are we going?”
She asked me once again,
As we walked
To where the water
From the river
Came right up
To the walkway
We were on.

I have always loved to look
At the water lilies,
As the make a field of green
That sits there
Right on top
Of the water.

As usual,
If you looked
Just a little while
You could see
Bright yellow blooms
Here and there,
Within that field of green.

“You’ll know,
When we get there.”
That was all I said.
And still,
I did not let go
Of her hand.

We turned right
When we got to the entrance
To the wildflower

There were bees.
And dragon flies.
And grasshoppers
By the score.
And every now and then
A butterfly.

They were there
Among the wildflowers.
To some people
All they were
Was weeds.
Lots and lots of weeds.

But if you take the time
And look,
There are all kinds of flowers
In all kinds of colors
Literally everywhere.

Some look like classic daisies.
Some look like mini sunflowers.
Some look like small lilies.
There are all kinds of flowers
In that garden.
And I took the time
To point lots of them out
To her.

And as I did,
I got to see her smile
Time and time again.

As we came out of
The wildflower garden
We arrived
At the butterfly gardens.
And their flowers.
And this was where
I wanted to take her.

To the butterflies.
So that she could see them
With her own eyes.
So that I could see
Her smile.
So that I could see
The magic
In her pretty eyes.

We stood there
For a while.
My hand still holding hers.
And we watched
The butterflies.
And swallow tails.
And dozens
Of other kinds.

We walked through the garden
And stopped
Time and time again.
To watch butterflies.
As the flew among
The flowers,
And their blooms.

As we walked there,
In the garden
With the butterflies
I was as happy
As I’d been
In quite a while.

For I’d done
What I wanted to.
I’d helped her
Take the time
To slow down
And stop.
If only for a little while.

So that she could remember
The beauty of the world.
The colors of the flowers.
And just watch
The butterflies.
And forget about
All the problems
That she’d been dealing with,
And just remember
What it means
To simply be alive.

I’d done
What I wished to do.
I’d helped her
Find her smile.


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