Her Story Ended In The Middle

As I was pulling weeds
From the front flower bed
Of my home
Just yesterday,
I found myself thinking,
And wondering,
About someone I used to know.

And I asked myself,
While pulling up those weeds
Why the heck
Was I thinking
About her?

It wasn’t easy for me
To work through the feelings
That I found I had
As I thought of her
Just yesterday.

I had considered her
To be my friend.
And I had done all I could
To help her.
She’d been very sick.
Fighting cancer.

But, she was one of them.
The people that
I feel are lost.
The people that judged me.

I’ve asked God above
To not give up on them.
And that still holds.

But there’s something
That I wish I could know.
And that I know
Will be denied to me

I wish I knew
How she was doing.
If she was OK.
Or if she was not doing well.
In the fight
For her life.

And there,
In my front yard,
Just yesterday.
As I was pulling weeds,
I figured out
That was why
I though of her

Knowing that I’ll never learn
How the story of her illness ends,
I did the only thing
That I could do.

I asked God above
To take care of her.
And her family.
And friends.

The compassionate,
Tender hearted,
That I am becoming
Can do no less than that.

I hope that with time,
And patience on my part
The wounded part of me
That will never know
How her cancer battle ends
Will gradually heal.
One day at a time.

But I know
That my heart
And my soul
Will always remember her.
And the battle that she fought.
That my heart
And my soul
Will always wonder
If she was OK
Or not.

And I have learned
That sometimes
That’s just how life is.
And that I have to learn
To live with
And accept
That there are stories
That for me
End in the middle.
So that I’ll never know
How such stories end.


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