They’re Just Being Cautious

It took me three days
To figure this one out.
But I do believe
I’ve got it.

I do believe I understand
What’s going on
With the people
That I know.
The people around me.
The people I call friends.

They make choices too.
Just like I do.
But, I make choices
From my point of view.
And the make them
From theirs.

I wrote about
An unwritten rule.
That makes me feel
Like everyone’s afraid of me.
And like I need
To stay away
From everyone
To keep them safe.

That makes me feel
Like I just
Need to leave.

But today what’s going on
Makes sense to me.
It’s not that everyone
Wants me to go away.
And it’s not
That they’re afraid of me.
And wish for me
To stay away from them.
To keep them safe.

It’s a dynamic thing.
A dynamic way
That everyone seems to know
And seems to use.
For being careful,
And slowly exploring
New people that they meet.

And I have to admit,
I’m about as new
As anyone can get.
For 3 months ago,
None of the people
At the church I go to now
Knew me at all.

And this just explains
And makes complete sense
To me.
That the people
I would like
To call my friends
Are being cautious.

It would have made my life
So much easier
If everyone knew
That I wouldn’t know
That this was going on.
And so they just flat told me.

But that’s another part
Of this caution thing
That they seem to do.
That they seem to know.

It’s not an unwritten rule
At all.
It’s a caution thing.
Where they are going
Carefully and slowly,
To make sure
That they don’t get hurt.
And that they don’t
Hurt me.

I never really understood
All of that before.
And now that I do.

My whole week
Just got better.
And I’m smiling
Once again.
Something that I haven’t done
In the last three days.


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