Constructive or Destructive

There is a choice
That I have to make
Every single day.
A choice to be
Constructive or destructive
In the things I do.
And the way that I respond
To what life
Confronts me with.

So I looked up the definitions
Of those two words.
On the Meriam-Webster Dictionary
On the Internet.
And this
Is what I found.

Definition of CONSTRUCTIVE
1 : declared such by judicial construction or interpretation <constructive fraud>
2 : of or relating to construction or creation
3 : promoting improvement or development <constructive criticism>

Definition of DESTRUCTIVE
1 : causing destruction : ruinous <destructive storm>
2 : designed or tending to hurt or destroy <destructive criticism>

When I look at the
Of those two words.
It becomes pretty obvious
Which choice I should make
When I have to make a choice
To be constructive
Or destructive
On any given day.
Or in any given situation
That confronts me.

It’s this choice I make
Every day.
Including today.
And sometimes,
Though it’s obvious
What choice I should make
It’s very hard indeed
To do what I believe,
And be constructive.

It would be so very easy
To be destructive.

Today is such a day.
When my body aches.
And I’m tired.
And feeling broken
And defeated.
And all alone.

It would be so easy for me
To be angry.
And upset.
And say nasty things
To everyone.
And write words
Meant to hurt.
And to strike out
At anyone.
And everyone.

But that would not make me
Feel any better
Than I do right now.
It would not cure my body aches.
And I would still be tired.
Feeling broken.
And defeated.
And all alone.

Just like I do now.

All that being destructive would do
Is get everyone angry with me.
And you have no idea
How many years it’s taken me
To figure that fact out.

And I need to say right now
That I’d have never learned this
On my own.
That I had to be helped
To learn this simple fact.
And it didn’t take a little help
For a little while.

It took a lot of help,
From the friends I have.
And it taxed their patience
Very much
To work with me
And help me figure out
What happens
When I’m destructive.

It’s because of them.
The friends that I have now.
That have talked with me,
And patiently
Waited for me to learn
And slowly understand
The things that they have said
That have helped me learn
That I should always try
To be constructive
Every day.

Because if I am constructive
Even when my body aches,
And when I am tired,
And feel broken.
And defeated.
And even all alone.

If I am constructive
Then I may end my day
Feeling like I did
The best that I could.

And I have learned
It’s amazing
How people react
When you smile at them,
And wave your hand.
When you take the time
To remind them
That you appreciate the fact
That they are alive.

So now you know
How I wish to be
Even on the worst days
Of my life.

I wish to be constructive.

Oh, I know that I’m just human.
And that I just might fail
To do what I want
Very much to do.

But that doesn’t mean
I should not try.

So I’ll try to be constructive
Every day I am alive.
Because I like the way I feel
When I get someone to smile.
Or when I help someone
That was hurt
To feel better
About life.

I wish to be constructive.


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