Finding My Wings: Playing With The Sun

I went out today.
To the Norfolk Botanical Garden.
Where I took a nice long walk
Among the trees,
The plants,
And the flowers.

I burned through
Two whole camera batteries.
Taking pictures
Of the flowers
And the scenery
That I saw
While I was there.

And then I decided
I was ready
To come home.
So I got in my car,
And started that drive
Back to my house.

And that’s when something happened
That I did not expect.
And it was something wonderful.
Something I do all the time.
But I’m just now realizing
What I do,
And what it really means.

As I was sitting there,
At a stoplight.
Waiting for it to turn green.
I looked around.
And noticed all the pretty
Shades of green
On all the trees.

I noticed all the different grasses
On peoples lawns.
I noticed texture in the leaves.
And in the grasses.
And on the sidewalk,
And the road.

I noticed the dirt
On the cars
That were on the road
At the same time.

And I saw the other drives
In those cars.
It still amazes me
How many of those drivers
Just flat look ticked off.

And then
I started playing games
With sunlight
In my car.
I put my hand up
On the window.
And positioned it just right
So that there was a real bright line
Of sunlight
Running down the side of it.

And as I drove along
I also watched
How the shadows in the car
Moved about.
Changing as I moved the car.

I had a lot of fun
Letting my eyes drink in
Tons and tons of colors
That are visible
In the light
Of the sun.
You can’t see them all
At night.
In the dark,
Most of them are gone.

It was a lot of fun
To play games with the sun.
And the light it brings.

But suddenly
I felt an aching
In my heart.
And a sadness
In my soul.
For I knew
As I drove along
This afternoon.
On my way home.

That it was likely
No one else
Out there on the road
Even noticed
The sunlight.
And the colors
That it brings to life.
And the way that shadows move
As you drive along.

It was likely
That I was the only one
That saw the colors
Of the trees.
And the texture
Of the road.

And my heart ached,
And my soul grew sad,
At the thought of that.
And I found myself wondering
As I drove home
When it was
That everyone
Became so lost.

And wishing
They would all just stop
And take the time
To remember
What it means
To be alive.
And what a gift
We’ve all been given
That we live
In such a world as ours.

Then I went right back
To having fun
Playing with the sun.

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