Looking At The Positives Of Life

I could easily get blue.
I could easily be depressed.
It would be so very easy
For me to.

But I refuse.

And in refusing,
I have decided
That I want to
Be positive
About the coming days,
And weeks,
And months.

So, I’m going to think about
The positive things
That have been happening
To me.
And to my family.
In the past few months.

I’m much happier now
That I have been
In a lot of years.
Not because I’m out of work.
But because
The job that I was in
Was all wrong for me.

I was trapped in that old job.
With no where to go.
No where to grow.
A job that was the same
For over 13 years.
Where nothing ever changed.
Even though people
Came and went.
The work environment
Remained the same.

And now that I am free
Of the job I used to have
I can tell you honestly
That the stress I lived with
Every working day
In the job I used to have
Is gone.
And all by itself
That’s been a very healing thing
For me.
And my family.

Then there are my friends.
And in the past 9 months
Who my friends are
Has completely changed.
And I’m much better
Just because of that.

I have friends now
That truly care for me.
And my family.
They are so very different
From the people I worked with,
Where the word friend
Just flat didn’t mean
What I thought it did.

The friends I have now
Are very few indeed.
But I know they are concerned
For me.
I have felt their concern
In the words they’ve shared
With me.
I have heard
The sound of caring
In their voices
When we’ve spoken
On the phone.
Or ever face-to-face.

And I know how very much
My friends mean to me.

I can write,
You know.
Oh, I’m not the best
In all the world.
And likely never will be.
But I do seem to have a way
With the written word.
A gift life gave to me.

There are times
When I can use my gift
To write a little something
That I can then give
To one of my friends.
A little something
That I’ve written
Just for them.

And every time I’ve done this
In the past few months
I know that I’ve done something good.
Because I caused a friend to smile.

How positive is that?
You tell me.

I’ve been getting some things done
Around my house.
Things I haven’t done
In years.
And it’s starting to
Make a difference
In my family.

One day at a time.
One step at a time.
I’m starting to turn
Our house
Into our home.

And I’m still looking for a job.
Something I can do.
And I haven’t looked at very much at all.
At this point in my search.
After all.
Why would anyone expect
To find a job
In the first 5 applications
That they tried?

There are hundreds more
That I can apply to.
And many of them are
The kind of job
No one that I used to work with
Would expect me to try for.

My families bills
Are shrinking
We only have one car payment at month.
Then gas.
And maintenance.
Then there is the house,
And food.
And utilities.
And repairs for anything
That breaks.

And my lady and I
Took a long hard look
At all the bills.
And we both agreed
That we can pay them all
If I end up with a job that pays
$300 US a week.

Do you know how many
Jobs that opens up
To me?

I’ve even got a plan
To get a job
At a place
Like Taco Bell.
That I can use
To pay the bills.
While I keep looking
For a better job.
One that uses at least some
Of the skills I have.

It would be so very easy
For me to be negative.
And think how I was laid off.
And now can’t find a job.
I could think about the things I’ve lost
In the past few months.
And the people that I used to know
When I had my job,
That are now gone.

But I choose not to.
I refuse to let what’s going on
Overwhelm me.

I’m going to think about
The good things that are happening
To me and my family
Since I lost my job
On July the 5th.

And in doing so,
I always know
That I’ll end up smiling
Once again.

Thank you life
For granting me
Another chance.
For letting me
Start over
Once again.

I really want to learn the way
To show people around me
What it really means
To be alive.

So I’ll keep right on doing
What I’ve done today.
And every day.
For the past month.

I’ll keep looking
At the positives
Of life.


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